Standard magnet applicator

Machine developed for gluing non-magnetized permanent magnet for manufacturing rotors of brushless motors. Lets you apply the magnets on rotors of various sizes with a high degree of accuracy and to apply them in different positions. The operator can control the correct functioning of all the phases.

  • Manual positioning of the rotor
  • Automatic axis 0 reference
  • Automatic glue spreading
  • Automatic pressing and gluingof the magnets.

  • Advantages:

  • Precision and constancy over time of the placement of magnets
  • Quick magnect selection thanks to electrodictibutor
  • Easy programming for different types of motors


Overall dimensions: 2900 x 2200 x 1200cm
Weight: 1500 Kg
Installation: on the floor
Type: pneumatic drives and brushless motors
Magnets: fully automatic feeding with vibration technology

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