Machine for inserting internal magnetized magnets

Machine suitable for internal insertion of magnetized magnets in SAMARIO-COBALT. It allows to apply the magnets inside the rotors for ``cylindrical`` generators of various sizes thanks to the adjustments it is equipped with. It also has a magnetization level control system and verifies the correct polarity of the magnet.

  • manual positioning of the rotor
  • adhesive deposition on rotor automatically
  • insertion of magnetized magnets in automatic mode
  • Production capacity of 1 rotor every 15 minutes
  • Insertion of n ° 36 magnets per rotor
  • Safety when inserting the magnet with correct polarity
  • Machine management with only one operator
  • speed of insertion of magnets
  • precision when inserting the magnet

Technical specs

Dimensions (lxhxp) : 3250 x 2050 x 1900
Weight : 1900 Kg
Installation : on floor

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