Our products

This is a selection of our products for the machining and assembly of brushless motors. Discover our whole range.

Glue applicator

on various sizes Brushless engines rotors

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Standard magnet applicator

On Brushless engines rotors, big quantities.

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Magnet applicator

Permanently glue non-magnetized magnet.

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Stripping machine

performs strip with fiber glass on the rotors

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Strips attacher

Applies glue on plastic or metallic strips.

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Magnet applicator – with Skew

Machine suitable for the gluing of staggered permanent magnets

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Our philosophy

Attention to details, customer support, proactivity and the media approach distinguish us from the opening day of the company.

We are not just suppliers, but true partners who believe in supporting you in the development of your business.

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Up-to-date technology

Research and development of new components and new technologies has made it possible to increase performance and reliability, reducing maintenance operations.


Team of experts

Since 1990 we develop innovative and customized solutions for our customers and partners; our team is extremely experienced and prepared from pre-sales to after-sales.



The documentation provided is always accurate and complete with all manuals, including those of the components we use, so as to make maintenance independent.

About us

Since 1990 we design and build automated systems

Our company offers a wide range of automatic systems thanks to the use of modular components that, respecting the construction specifications of the major European companies, guarantee a safe choice over time. The continuous research and development of new components and new technologies has allowed us to increase even more performance and reliability and at the same time reduce maintenance interventions.


Our Know-How

The continuous research and development of new components and new technologies has allowed us to increase even more the performance and reliability of the machines.

A 30-year history has allowed us to touch many rotors and to become familiar with the application and gluing of magnets. These skills are at the service of our customers, especially in prototypes and pilot series, to facilitate the transition from "paper project" to "automated production".

We have experience with the main magnetic materials, adhesives and rotor types, be they IPM, SPM or special. We work both with "virgin" magnets, and already magnetized and we can implement in our machines magnetizers, ovens, systems for lamination or co-molding and quality control at the end of the cycle.

We have developed a range of machines for the application of the bandage ranging from the simplest products, where the presence of the operator is necessary, up to completely automatic lines, without the use of humane presence. The result is an always optimal bandage, realized quickly and with low costs.


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